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    Brovel Norandren 200 (no holograms)

    I Just came back from mexico, and bought 2 bottles of brovel norandren 200 for $20 each. but neither the box nor the bottle had a hologram sticker. The lot # is 7325. Also, the box came with an "instructivo" paper insert, which makes think its legit. How can I tell if this is a counterfeit? Is a counterfeit Brovel product a bad thing?I've heard that these counterfeits actually contain nandrolone decanoate. Is it even safe to use a counterfeit of a company that is known for making dirty products? thanks
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    No hologram? I would think it's fake. It could still have deca in it but wouldn't trust shit like that. I've had real norandren 200's (10cc) and mine always had holograms.

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    dido lordblitz... a good way to tell is if the blue - white fade on the label is fluent and not "patchy" in the color sequence. Mine was a perfect fade, I posted it on this site somewere, ill post the link if i can find it..

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    Post a pic.

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