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Thread: Balkan Pharma UPIC

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    Balkan Pharma UPIC

    Hope this is right category for this kind of question.

    Have two packs of Balkan Test C. UPIC codes come out as FAKE on official website. I've heard rumors that they had problems with that checking system and not all "good codes" are in system. Can anyone confirm this or its just rumors and my balkan test is fake..? Got other stuff (3 other products) from same source (also Balkan) and codes are good on them.


    Balkan Pharma UPIC-20180122_104200.jpgBalkan Pharma UPIC-20180122_103937.jpg
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    Hi dude,

    I found a similar experience with the UPIC check for SP Labs. Some of my vials passed the test while others didn’t. I’m almost at the end of the second pair of vials (running Deca +Sust cycle) and gear seems to be legit. 8kg gain after 8 weeks, some bloat, few sides like minor acne mainly in the back, nipple sensivity (which seems now to be controlled with nolva), night sweats, snoring like a beast and off course increased libido and great mood overall.

    Funny thing is that the UPIC in the vials that passed the test earlier now return as fake gear so something must be wrong with their system. I believe they should be very similar since Balkan is parent lab of SP.
    I also wrote SP Labs a message regarding this issue but never got an answer back.


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    SP Labs UPIC check website has been revamped and seems now 4 (out of 6) of my vials return as legit, whereas previously only two passed and then all were failing (yeah I checked plenty of times). I’m on my last two vials (both passing the UPIC check). The ones that returned as fake are from the same source and clearly did the job so I believe they are also ok.

    BP UPIC was also getting updated so maybe now should be a good time to recheck.

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