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    Australia - Anavar/Stanozolol/Jintropin?

    Hi guys,

    I've bought Anavar from the same site with different suppliers to Winny and HGH.
    Anavar didn't make me feel right and I stopped completely of doing 29 days with 10 days break in the cycle.

    Winny - I haven't started yet as I will wait until my body is ready...

    9 days after Var, I started Jintropin and just tested it after over a week of used...

    Does anyone of you (in Australia of course) familair or use these pills/gh before?
    After I've read so many sites, just knowing I need to get a testkit for the pills formed.

    Thank you!

    Anavar (190)
    Australia - Anavar/Stanozolol/Jintropin?-img_8747.jpg

    Winny (60)
    Australia - Anavar/Stanozolol/Jintropin?-img_8745.jpg

    Jintropin (500)
    Australia - Anavar/Stanozolol/Jintropin?-d7qlxjviq-ub5%25zchxgj6a.jpg

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    We're these ordered internationally bro?
    Or in oz

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    I got them here/Australia

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