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Thread: Tested my 5,000iu HCG

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    Tested my 5,000iu HCG

    Been a few years since I've been on here.

    Picked up a 10 pack of 5,000iu HCG from what is supposed to be a reputable source on a few boards.

    This morning I went to the store and got a few pregnancy test kits (equate brand) and these are the results.
    (2 on left tested for HCG. On the right is bac-water only for comparison.)
    I expected a much darker line for the HCG, as they are very faint.
    Has anybody else had good HCG test so lightly as a positive? The lines are just slightly darker than the photo shows. Still, I expected darker lines..
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you can even barely see the line, it's a positive.
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    Alright, I appreciate the reply. I typically have seen slightly darker lines in the past (though a different brand test). There are very faint but visible lines.
    Thank you ag
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    Quote Originally Posted by almostgone View Post
    If you can even barely see the line, it's a positive.
    I agree 1000%
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    Looking at the picture I would tell the girl she's fine and theres nothing to worry about..............thats just me

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