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    fort dodge EQ need help

    my bottle of fort dodge just arrived and it looks legit as far as the yellow and red label.compared to pictures ...only thing on the label it has a mispelling Dadge instead of Dodge the back of the label reads as follows.....the rest of the label reads Dodge that is the only mispelling.....lot number 9K39966.....NEED HELP TO DETERMINE IF IT IS REAL thanks fellas

    Manufactured by
    ER Squibb & Sons INC
    Princeton, NJ 08543 for
    Fort Dadge Animal Health-------------(mispelling )
    Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501 USA

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    bro straight to the point u got a fake stuff,
    i got my shit without spelling problem got then
    from the store sweet shit man, u better check ur
    stuff bro later..........

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