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Thread: Hook me up!!!!

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    Hook me up!!!!

    Give me your thoughts. I need some info on how to run this. Ok its not that much but it what i have got.

    I have 20ml QV PROP (100mg)
    20ml QV Winny (50mg)

    I am going for a strenghth but mostly ripped cycle

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    You don't have nearly enough gear. And you posted this in the steriod pictures section. Do some research there are tonnes of threads on test winny cycles floating around in the archieves and then get some more gear and come back to us and we will be glad to help you out.

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    Pick up at least 2 more bottles of prop and one more bottle of winnie. be ready to become a pin coushin. don't forget to buy clomid and nolvadex .

    This would be a proposed cycle:

    Weeks 1-8 Test Prop 100 75mg ed
    Weeks 3-8 Winnie 50mg ed
    Clomid day after last shot.

    I think you would probably need to research a little bit more before you start. good luck.

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