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    deca 300 does it need v slits to be real?

    I bought deca 300 from qv before, it looks perfect just as my old one. Except one minor detail. The v slits on the hologram do not exist in my new one.
    I heard that qv changed teh hologram to not include v slits? Is it true....deca is qv d3 lot #015 and it expires 03 2006? Tell me what u guys think?

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    there's no need to keep posting this:

    you already have 1 thread on it, just be patient.

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    my stuff didn't have the v slits on them and they are legit. the slits were so you couldn't peel them off and then re-apply to another bottle. the newer holograms are supposed to tear apart where on part would be the actual hologram and the the other would be a plastic film.

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