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Thread: Why cant i eat?

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    Why cant i eat?

    im on a prop/tren cycle, and going good so far but i have no appetite at all.
    i have a hard time finishing a meal.This has never happend to me before, i can always eat, eat like crazy... wtf is it ive done tren before and had a huge appetite, this is my first time doing trying some b-12 now but still nothin..

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    get some EQ and your appetite will come back and more!!never had that happen to me ever.i am hungry 24/7

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    you may have answered your own question... to me the the culprit may be the prop... it's your first time using it and you have lost your appetite... everyone is different and results vary, maybe the prop isn't suiting your body well at this moment... but at the same time there could be other things going on in your life that may effect your appetite... namely stress. however, I wouldn't worry too much... examine your situation closely, and start force feeding the body... an idea worth trying possibly is as soon as you feel full on solid food force down a protien shake... work at it bro, as you know without the food the juice is worthless.

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