This was the best workout I have had for months. Very surpising that it was this good considering I was very drunk on friday and ate very bad on saturday and sunday.

Close grip bench press with 4 chains(weighting 15 pounds total)
110*3, 132*3, 154*3, 176*3, 187*3, 200*1, 209*1, 220*1(this was a new PR, damn did it feel good to get it upp).

Skullcrushers with 15 pounds of chains. 88*10, 88*9, 88*6, 77*8. This exercise feelt real good with chains.

Incline db press 52*11, 41*20, 41*16. I was weak like shit in this exercise after the 2 exercises before but it feel good anyway.

Chins 10*4

Front plate raise 44*10*4

Incline sit upps 44*15-20*4