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Thread: Higher Deadlift

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    Higher Deadlift

    I really need some help with my deadlift. I do not know what the promblem is. I can pull 30-40 pounds more off the floor to my knees that I can lock out. My form is good but i don't know what the promblem is. I competited in a mmet and plan to do so again so could someone please help!

    Thanks, DLK

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    I would start pulling everyother week from the rack. Work your lockout. Also incorporate some heavy good mornings. Wide stance, narrow, seated ETC. Work up to a max on those. Try some speed deadlifts too. If yoru getting it to yoru knees quick you might need more explosiveness to carry you through your sticking point. Let me know if you need some more info but over all if yoru getting it moving you have won half the battle. Good luck!

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    I love reverse band deads and chains over the bar deads. they let me stay in the same groove as normal but overload the lockout

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