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    Test and eq cycle

    Going back on cycle for 16 weeks and thinking about adding eq into the mix but want some input on dosage. Test will be at 500mg/wk. Should eq be at the same dose at test or can 250mg/wk be beneficial or a waste of time being that low? Looking for strength gains, not too worried about size at the moment. I have never tried EQ before. I have ran dbol and deca in the past with good results.

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    On 300test 600eq myself at the moment. Great strength increases and endurance. You do not need to run it higher or lower than test but most find 400-600 to be the sweet spot from user reports. It doesn't kick in as quickly as dbol and wont provide the same level of size and strength as deca , but it works great as a slow building anabolic with very limited sides and very little water retention.

    It does stay in your system for a long time, so if your tested I'd not run it. 500/500 or 500/400 or 500/600 test to eq would all be a very standard dosage that will provide great results. If your impatient or are used to rapid gainers like dbol you may also consider front loading.

    Also keep in mind many people use eq as a test "alternative" where instead of running 750mg test they would do 250test 500eq for a similar anabolic effect without the bloat and sides from running high test.

    Also great aesthetic benefits from EQ but you don't care so much for those haha

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