As he prepares to enter his 10th consecutive Mr. Olympia at age 36, Kevin Levrone is a picture of calm confidence. Levrone, a 3-time Olympia runner up, is aware of how daunting the task is of unseating reigning Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. Said Kevin, "When I first saw Ronnie's condition at the 1998 Olympia, I said 'Whoa, this guy can win this show for the next five years -- no one can beat this guy.' But when he showed up overweight last year, I didn't think it was fair to say that I couldn't beat him at my best."

With Flex Wheeler having retired, Kevin's primary competition this year will come from Shawn Ray and Chris Cormier. And what about up and comers like Jason Cutler and King Kamali? "I know those guys saw me at the Bodyrock [July 14] at 230 lbs and had to be thinking they can beat me." He chuckles. Unlike most professional bodybuilders who balloon in weight in the off-season, Kevin steers clear of the gym and keeps his calorie intake reasonable in the off-season, resulting in the lower bodyweight. But with his knowledge gleaned from ten consecutive top-5 placings, Kevin is keenly aware of how his body responds to intense training and meticulous dieting. Instead of risking his health by adding pounds of unwanted bodyfat to his frame in the off-season, Kevin stays light on his feet by performing with his rock band Fulblown in concerts across the country. Dedicating his time after the 2000 Olympia to his band paid off with big dividends. After meetings with Lava and Atlantic Records, and with several other labels vying to release the band's debut CD, Fulblown signed with AM/FM Records in August. So with all of the success in music, why continue to compete? "I do this because I love bodybuilding. I love competing. And I love the fans." Kevin Levrone -- Bodybuilder Extraordinaire.

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