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    Bad news for Art Atwood fans

    I was recently at the Louisiana Bodybuilding championships this past weekend and Art was guest posing there, he made he way out for an encore and was going to walk down the stairs on the side of the stage to go and pose in the crowd and he took a bad step and fell, he wasn't able to continue posing and he could barely walk, looks at those he tore something in his knee, he was brought to a local hospital and they ran a few tests, nothing major, they didn't want to keep him for a few days to run MRI's because his flight was the next morning so they put his knee in a brace and he was told to take an MRI when he arrived home, he was a really cool guy and being he just qualified for the Mr.Olympia I hope he recovers fast.

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    That sucks. If it's nothing serious, he should still be able to get on stage this winter.
    I still got 2 out of my 3 favorites in healthy condition. Cultler, Gunter, and Atwood.

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    That's a damn shame! I think art's awesome, just HUGE! I hope he can make it back for the O.


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    yeah, this sucks....hopefully nothing serious......

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