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Thread: T3 shelf life

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    T3 shelf life

    I was about to order T3 but wanted to know what the shelf life is on this once it is opened? Is this alcohol or water based? Thanks for the help.

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    I would think that it is alcohol based, but I am only 90% sure. If you are hygienic about it, i.e, clean the oral syringe after every use, I would say 6 months. After six months, I don't think it would have gone bad, but some of the alcohol might have diffused out of the bottle, thus changing the concentration. The best way to check for this is to mark the outside of your bottle with a marker and then check after 6 months to see if the levels have dropped.

    If you are really worried, a cool dark place should keep it for a while. I know people who have successfully used their chems after a year in storage.

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    I usually keep research chems for a year.

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    the T3 has a pretty good life, but I'm thinking anything after 4 or 5months it starts to go down in quality. . . but it is a good quality product to begin with.

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    i dont thjink it would be an issue once stored right...

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