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    Liquid Clomid question

    Experencing a low libido and Ed 6 months after a cycle with proper PCT

    all my blooodwork comes back goood though,,,in range

    would ordering some liquid clomid n tryin to raise my test levels help??

    im afraid it may hurt..some peoplke say CLOMID actually gives tem ED

    please advise

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    I'm not a PCT expert (and saw that you posted the question there as well), but what are your free Test. levels like? If they are low, you may be experiencing low libido, etc. The clomi will tell your pituitary to signal your balls to make more test. But if your total test is pretty bound up or converted to est., then that may cause your symptoms. Clomi hasn't ever given me ED, but everyone is different in how they react to meds. I also suppose it depends on how much clomi you are taking. I've always done a low amount relative to some of the PCT I have seen recommended here.

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