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    WeinerGate Scandal...............

    Follow me on Twitter!!/arrchems

    No, I didn't pull a Weinergate and post pictures of my "Weiner", sorry ladies

    But I did post a Twitter Promocode good for 15% off all PDE-5 inhibitors including:

    Liquid Cia
    Liquid V
    Liquid Varden

    Go check it out by clicking on the twitter link in my sig. You'll get an additional personalized promocode if you mention @arrchems via Twitter

    GO! The promocode is only good in number of days as length in inches of Weiner's weiner, BWaaahahaha!

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    1,220 it!

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    a very creative sale, hey any excuse to run a sale is good with me. Thanks Weiner!

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    Sale still running throughout the weekend, be sure to stock up on all your PDE-5 Inhibitors.

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    damn, that is seriously funny.

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