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Thread: grilled vegies

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    grilled vegies

    since olive oil is good for you i tend to use it more in cooking and grilling as for example; take squash (yellow,zuccinni,or whatever) peppers ,or any soft vegie , rub on some olive oil and a little garlic,.
    throw on the grille (top rack) watch not to burn.flip over evry 2min. when grille marks appear it is done.
    corn too can be done on the grille. even in the husk just make sure you pull the husk down and de-hair it. wash it off. pull the husk back up .toss on the grille make sure haet is med so it will not burn as with any vegie, flip over . when corn is golden and kernnels have swelled up it is done .

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    Thanks for the tips bro. I'll be sure to try this the next time I cook out.

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