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    Cajun Style Dirty Rice w/ Shrimp

    4 oz chicken livers
    8 oz shrimp
    ~hand full of chopped green bell peppers
    ~hand full of chopped scallions
    ~hand full of broccoli crowns
    teaspoon of chopped garlic
    cayenne pepper
    black pepper
    1/2 cup brown rice (dry)

    Cajun Style Dirty Rice w/ Shrimp-fooo-009.jpg

    Chop or mince the chicken livers and put them in a pan on the stove
    add the peppers and scallions. there should be a little grease from the livers, and use that to saute it all up nice and good. Add the shrimp and garlic, season with cayenne and black pepper to taste (I like a lot ).

    Cajun Style Dirty Rice w/ Shrimp-fooo-010.jpg

    Cajun Style Dirty Rice w/ Shrimp-fooo-011.jpg

    I use a nice little rice/veggie steamer, but if you don't have one you'd want to add the broccoli with all that and make your rice how you usually would.

    Cajun Style Dirty Rice w/ Shrimp-fooo-012.jpg

    When the rice is done just mix it all together and enjoy!

    Cajun Style Dirty Rice w/ Shrimp-fooo-013.jpg

    The total stats come up to about Fat: 13g Carbs: 72g and Protien: 82g

    I admit it shouldn't necessarily be your routine food, but it wouldn't be hard to fit it in somewhere if you'd wish to indulge in it. You could always remove the chicken livers which would remove about 8g of fat (and 28g of protein!) but, it's the livers which give it the delicious Cajun taste!

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    Sounds dirty rice...will take the advice and leave out the livers...the cayenne makes it plenty cajun

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