This recipe is set up for a 6.5# batch.

Chicken Broth 3.5 cup
Corn Starch 4 Tablespoon
Salt 3/4 Tablespoon
Pepper 3/4 Tablespoon
Balsamic Vinegar 4 Tablespoon
Fresh Rosemary 5 Teaspoon
Mushrooms, sliced (what kind you like most) 3 Lbs
Onions, diced 1.5 cups

Place all sauce ingredients together in a pot, heat to boil until thickened.

Chicken Breast/Turkey or chops: One of the reasons one end of the breast is juicy and the other is dry is because at one end it's 1' thick and the other is maybe a half inch. What happens is that the skinny end is done cooking and the fat end is only half done, well, obviously you cant eat raw chix so you keep cooking which means that the end thats already done is completely over cooked now and dry. So the best way is to pound out your chix until it's the same thickness, this only takes a few minutes but will save you a lot of dry mouth when you eat!!

Heat grill to med-high, place chix on grill. Bring to 165* using a thermometer.
Heat oven to 350* Put protien on a sprayed cooking sheet. Bring to 165* using a thermometer.
Just saute (pan fry)

When protien is cooked place sauce over the top. If you want to use all the sauce, go for it! If you want to save some, thats ok, it will keep for a long time.
This is a good simple recipe you can play with. It looks like way more work than it actually is. Give it a try and let me know.

Calories: 357 for about 7-8oz (average)