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Thread: Sweet Potato Hash

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    Sweet Potato Hash

    I see a lot of people eat sweet potatoes so I found one that you might like and it also changes things up a bit. You can add or subtract any ingredients you want. I know "hash" is a breakfast term but this is a sweet & savory recipe that you can serve as a good side to breakfast, dinner or snack.

    Yield 12 servings
    Vegetable oil 1/2c (obviously use whatever fits or reduce if you can)
    Bell peppers, chopped, 2c (you can use red, green or mixed, also can use frozen)
    Onions, chopped, 2c
    Sweet potatoes, peeled & small dice, 4lb
    Cumin 2tsp
    Salt 2tsp
    Red pepper flakes 2tsp

    Heat oil on med high and sautee bells and onions until tender.
    Add rest of ingredients and reduce heat to medium.
    Cook for 20-25 minutes or so, stirring every 2-3 minutes. Potatoes might want to stick but just keep them moving and it helps.
    Cook until soft and there you go.

    Serving size 1 cup= 244cals
    Carbs 38g
    Fat 10g
    Protien 3g

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    after hashing it over i think this sounds yummy

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    Looks real good. I think I may try it out!

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    Hash is where its at. I've been sucking it up and eating the canned stuff maybe once a month. Ill definitely be trying this soon

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    I do this all the time!

    especially after I bake a bunch and make fries. I just take the fries and sauté them up with the rest on the ingredients you have listed
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