Another quick, easy and not very expensive dish! and also falls into the turkey category. This recipe makes 24-8oz portions......buuuuut the way we eat? lol

Italian style turkey 3lbs (if you cant find Italian style add 2tbs fresh garlic, 1tbl dry Italian seasoning, if you dont have it just ask me for alt.)
Stew tomatoes, 3qts (12cup)
Shell pasta, cooked, 3 qts (12cup) (you can use any pasta but shells, penne style pastas are best, you can also use wheat pasta)
Mustard 2tbls
Worschestire 2tbls
Parsley, chopped 2tbls (really this is opitional)
Parmessan cheese is totally optional if you want to sprinkle on top.

Cook sausage, add remaining ingedients and stir, heat through. DONE!!

Calories 199 Fat 6g Carb 29g Protien 9g