Grade A Eggs Large, 1 egg (50g)
1/2 Cup Quaker Oats, cooked in Microwave with water
Splenda - 2 Packets,
Baking Powder, Aluminum-Free, 0.6 g (1/8 tsp)
Pb2 - Powdered Peanut Butter
Semi-sweet Chocolate Morsels, 28 g
Natural Peanut Butter - Creamy, 2 Tbsp (32g)
Whey Gold Natural Vanilla, 1 Scoop (32g)

cook the oats in the microwave until done
place the rest of the ingredients into a separate container except the chocolate chips and natural peanut butter. Mix the oats in with other ingredients. Poor the mixture onto the griddle and sprinkle with the chocolate chips. When done spread with the peanut butter .

Calories 790
Carbs 69
Fat 36
Protein 52

Calories can be adjusted by omitting the peanut butter pb2 and chocolate chips