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    One of my favorties

    Ok this is meant to be for the accassional sugar craving that we all have form time to time. Be careful though as I have found my self cunsuming most of my protien supplements in this fashion here of late rather than going for the conventional mixing protien powder with milk routine.

    Abstrack mentioned a similar idea which invloves mixing with potatoes.

    Ok take a very ripe banana, peel it then mash it up in a bowl. Keep mashing until you have a pudding mixture. Now I use Isopure (chocolate) with this, however if you have some vanilla you can subsitute it and add 1 spoonfull of Hersey's baking chocolate to it. The baking chocolate has no calories, no protien, no fat so it will not contribute anything to this other than taste.

    Ok after you mix up the banana, pour in a generous amount of protien powder.( The average severing) Began to mix this up. At first it will not mix to well but if you keep at it you will see that the moisture in the banana will begin to make a pudding mixuture. If it is early in the morning I will also mix in a spoonful of creamy peanutbutter. This dose drive up the claloiric content a bit but this is for those cheat days anyway and early in the morning I can work off any excess calories that I have consummed.

    This will make into a pudding mixture that you can refrigerate and eat at a later date if you choose. Just make sure the bananas a very ripe.

    The nutrituional value varies with the protien powder used as well as size of banana and or brand of peanut butter used. Try it, you might just fine that you have a new craving for the stuff and at least it has the protien content that you other wise would not have in such cases.

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    Man now im crawing a snack

    With ripe banana you mean really fresh?

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    Palme I think he means to use a banana thatís skin has black spots on it (as I understand the grading of ripeness is measured). You know when you get bananas that are green and you let them ripen, well let them sit longer and the spots will appear. Heck if you left it alone for a really long time the whole thing will turn black but I don't think you want to wait that long before using it.

    Tobey, am I way off the mark here? I will for sure try this one. Also can you use a Mixer for the combining process?


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