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    I want to add carndarine to my testo cycle, but read that carndarine is very carcinogenic? How bad is this?
    How does Cardarine work? heard that it dilates the blood vessels which in turn can carry more oxygen around.
    Will a carndarine cycle have a lasting effect, or does it have the most effect when you are on a cycle?

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    I've read it. It significantly increases the chance of cancer. Wondering how long it has been on the market. Heard that this oroduct is very popular among crossfit athletes. If the product has been popular for 10 years and widely used and no one has heard of cancer, if this is about mice that have taken 1000 times the dose, it does not have to carry relevant for humans.

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    It doesnít have a ton of human studies published and most of what you hear is anecdotal. The cancer concern came from rodent studies...both mice and rats and did show an increase in cancerous cells. As you mentioned, it was at extremely high dosages.
    There is conflicting data around the potential for tumor growth in humans.

    There are some good NIH studies that discuss it at length. Hereís a good one..

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