My workout partner is 200lbs and is trying to loose weight.
He purchased some efedrin arsan 50 mg/tab.

He took a half of a tab. and 325mg/aspirin 200mg/caffeine
This is what he was told to take with it.

He has taken ripped fuel with ephedra and had great results.

BUT, when he took the 25mg yesterday, he told me his heart felt like it was beating out of his chest and he said his pulse was to fast to count.

He said he was actually scared for about 20 minutes then it was back to just feeling anxious like most ripped fuel and other ephedra he had taken.

Also he lost 6lbs yesterday, so it did do the job, but he says he isn't taking any more till he finds out what went wrong.

I'm wondering if this is normal or not. He isn't a member here but he will post under my name later with more questions probly.