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    4Derm Quality versus 1Fast's 4AD Powder

    Anyone ever have the following experience? Back in the good ole days before the ban my lab rat was experimenting with some 4Derm (had 3 bottles over time) and when that ran out finished up with a homebrew of 1Fast's 4AD powder in Nutra's Penetrate with a small amount of 1-T mixed in. Despite the fact that the 4Derm and homebrew dosages were the same, there was a marked difference in effect. The little devil's libido suddenly "shot up" (bad pun intended) and there was a noticeable change in water retention. No other research conditions had been altered. Thus it appeared that the changes had come directly from the homebrew. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Perhaps the 4Derm batch was weaker than advertised? Anyone ever find 4Derm quality to be lumpy or lacking?

    One other point of note was that the homebrew was thicker going on than 4Derm, dried much faster than 4Derm and left a noticable white residue on the skin that did not flake off at all. The poor rat looked like he'd been whitewashed in spots. Anyone ever see 4AD homebrew dry like that. Could it be the 1-T, rather than the 4AD?

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    the residue was probaly the carbomer. They intially had too much carbomer in the 4Derm IMO, and you ended up with wasted product.

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    The 4Derm was likely underdosed. They probably saved about 10 cents a bottle ripping people off that way.

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    Actually it was overdosed by almost 10%

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    4Derm is the bomb

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