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    My stack for Cutting

    Pro Complex
    Flax Oil
    CLA(it worked for me in the past)
    Liquid L-Cartinine(Take before Morning Cardio)
    Mega Mens Multi

    Suggestions, Comments?

    I can't do stimulants so please dont recommend them(Lipo-6, ECA stack,etc.)

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    hey man, i cant do stimulants also,they make me feel like shit n give me the shakes liek crazy. Many people told me to try heat stack, it is made for people who cant take stimulants. I tried it and it worked great, no shakes, no gitters, and very effective. My stack included heat stack, lean xtreme, sesathin. In less then 2 weeks i saw results. I really liked this stack, had absolutly no side effects at all, just hadda eat a cracker with the heat stack every serving(it says to take on an empty stomach but it hurts ur stomach if u dont eat alittle something. good luck with ur cutting, make sure to get ur diet n cardio i ncheck

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    glad you had good results with some of my recomendations.

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