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    5 Alpha Androst-16-en-3-one

    what exactly is 5 Alpha Androst-16-en-3-onei.

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    I have read something about it sport, if it is what I am thinkin it is, it is a andro product right? I think it falls along the lines of the 1 AD and Nor-19 Chit. I havne't heard anyone rave about it or give anything negative about it for that matter. In other words I have no freakin idea what it is. I just remember reading something about it on the web. Punch into a search engine see what you get. That is how I found info on it, but I was lookin for something else.

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    I vaguely remember reading something but it was ages ago.I,ll have a look see if I can find it but I probably threw it out.I,ll see if I can find anything

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