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    Need Help With (legal) Clomid and Nolvadex Please!

    Hey, I want to buy some legal, liquid, for research nolvadex and clomid. How much will I need with a superdrol cycle? I wanted to do an AAS cycle but for the life of me, short of going there myself I cannot get any. Anyways, I know it might be worth just to juice, I would if I could find any believe me. In the meantime, I guess I'll try a superdrol cycle cause I can get it. But how much and what is it called will I need for a superd cycle? Assuming anabolicreview-research is where I'd be getting it from....'

    thanks a million for any help!!!

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    go to the PCT section for your answers, they are all there.. there are a few research sites, this one has one as well, to find prices on them

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    im assuming youll be running sdrol for 4 weeks. if so then you only need 1 bottle each of clomid/nolva.

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