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    Hey Ranger... The protein Bars

    First off, I gotta try this. That's an incredible recipe. But you say pour in spring water and nuke. Nuke for how long? 30 sec? 1 min? Help me out bro. And also the crushed egg whites? hard boiled eggs or raw? and when i got all that figure out how long after i spread that mixture out do i have to wait to eat?thanks man. Stay huge. And thanks for the recipe.


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    Heh heh heh....Not being a smart ass, but how would ya crush uncooked egg whites....hahahhahaha.....yup, they're cooked Bro...

    add the spring water, nuke 30 seconds, repeat this process until it gets as thick or thin as you like it Bro....I make alot, eat some, and freeze the rest....great for parties, goes well with Coors light....less filling, tastes great....Ooop's wrong beer....



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    Recipe? Well give it up..share the wealth. I'm intriqued. Get it into the recipes forum...if it's already there I apologize...I'll go look right now.


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