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    working out on an empty stomach?

    Ok i am currently trying to cut up after a long bulking period. I work out in the morn as soon as i wake up. i know it is a good idea to do cardio on an empty stomach in the morn so do you think i should just take my eca and work out on an empty stomach or is this to long with out food? Should i just drink a protien shake or should i eat a meal so i can get some carbs in? Also the supps i am currently taking to help are protien, animal cuts, Lglutamine, amino acids, flax oil, and a multi vtmn. Is there any other supps that might be reccomend to help me out?

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    I think its good to do cardio on an empty stomach but i would try to get get a little carbs in you when you workout.

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    I usually get a moderate amount of protein & carbs about 1-1/2 hours before hand.

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    you should down some carbs and protein before the workout
    you'll be jepordizing lean mass
    or if your diet is based on a low carb scheme
    try using Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) before workouts
    i only reccomend this if your diet is based on a low carb scheme

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