I have finished my first week of 750 mg of paki sus 250 a week w/deca norma 200 mg every 5 days. People say that the paki sus hurts. It donsn't bother though. I feel very , moderate pain, as i do with the norma. I also looked on the search section and someone said that they got fake ones from two years ago and the numbers etc matched up with mine. Does karachi abbott labs make fake stuff? I mean they look like the real deal, I can't rub the label off and the amps are brittle. I got five in a box insread of three, and my source is real legit. I need some help, I'm getting pissed. I know it takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks to start feeling strenth, but no pain? This is my mass cycle. I also running d-bol with it at 40mg/day I just want to mmake sure they sound legit before I continue. Any help I would appriciate
thank guys lil Mack