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Thread: Tribulus?

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    hi guys i'm new to this site, but i was just had a question about the supplement called tribulus. I know that it boosts your testosterone levels , but i also know that some testosterone turns to estrogen. So my question is: What can I can take besides chrysin to make the testosterone not turn to estrogen? Thanks for your time

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    dont bother taking any anti-estrogen with tribulus because though it will increase free testosterone there wont be enough testosterone to cause any side effects.
    and using anti-e's with it is just a waste of money, especilly chysin compleatly useless. the only over the counter anti-e that works just about is Indole-3-Carbinol. interestinly Indole-3-Carbinol is also used to treat some cases of brest cancer?
    youll need to use tribulus at 1.5g - 2g a day for about at least a month to see any effects.

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    crap dude.... dont waste your money..... If you must, get Tribestan by Sopharma, but you will have to take up to 1500mg daily for any effect

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    Bump on the Tribestan post... Proceed only if you got the funds.. Or a good sugar mama!!

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