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    nor products and andro wich better?

    nor products and andro wich better? wich better in terms of gains and less side effects. i am 17 and i want to stack those 2 together or just do the nor. but i am wondering if i will loose my ability to produce test naturally or will it stop me from growing. i heard the nor has less side effects so if i take that will i still be able to grow? i wanted to cycle it for 4 weeks preferebly both but maybe just the nor. i cant get real AS cause i have no sources so i wna do the prohormones plz help i wna get advice before i do this shit

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    I wouldnt be a good bro if i didnt say you really dont need those products at all. at your age your test production is through the freaking roof.

    Most andro products are sideeffects in a bottle, and many of the companies are being sued because of the claims they make actually being completely false.

    Some are using 1AD with good results but i have no info on them.

    Get a good workout routine and diet together and i bet you will grow. AS isnt a short cut to training, we all still have to carefully think about our diets,water intake, supplements, routine and rest periods.

    doing steriods at 17 could screw you up for life, and i dont want to see you get hurt.

    no flames here bro, just trying to help

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    Re: nor products and andro wich better?

    Originally posted by tryingtogain
    nor products and andro wich better?
    Thats like asking "What's better, a Ford Focus or a Toyota Echo?"

    They both suck.

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    Don't take those supplements! Like Buddha said they are simply the side effects of steriods in a bottle. Who would want that?

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    i think ph's suck!
    2.not mucho gains!
    2.lot side effects! are cheaper+better
    5.if you want to use a as/ph us anavar or 1-ad!
    6.BUT DON'T!

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    Just go ahead and wait till you can get a source and are old enough. That shit will do more harm than good. Pick up some creatine and protein and you'll do just fine.

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    Like buddah said side effects in a bottle and just plain and simple, Prohormones suck!!

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