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    Arginine or GlycoCarn before working out?

    Thoughts from any supplement gurus?

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    GlycoCarn is a patented nitric oxide booster and whether NO products actually do what they claim to do is still subjected to debate. IMO, majority of NO products are amongst the most expensive supplements simply because they are over-marketed through the charm of ostentatious claims stated on the product package. After a detailed web search about GlycoCarn, I am not surprised to see this to be the case one more time. Moreover, there have been several solid research made about L-arginine and its positive effects on athletes; whereas, how Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine works as an NO booster is still ambiguous. In the last result, I would rather pay much less for a solid product (L. Arginine) that is long proved to have significantly positive outcomes for athletes instead of paying 3-5 times more for a ''mystery product'' with marketing claims of being miraculous and take the risk of great disappointment. The decision is of course yours to make.

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    i use Optimum's Amino Energy pre workout,it contains a little bit of l-Arginine,but i add an additional 5 grams of L-Arginine to mine,because of its benefits

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