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    D bol ! I need some answers!

    Im 25 and have been working out hard for the last two years or so. Im not very bulky but i have decent strength. For a while i wanted to only go natural and take protein after workouts...obviously that just isnt working. I have heard d bol is a good starter steroid . Just wanted to know if that was true and how realistic only taking one cycle would be and still seeing results? Also with one cycle how bad could the acne problem be?

    Thank you so much!

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    WOW bro you are obviously way in over your head. start of my listing your stats. Weight, hight, bf%

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    dont ask for a source thx
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    no one can tell you what d-bol will do for you as we are all different...i can tell you that whatever gains you get from a d-bol only cycle will be short lived and consist of mostly water wich will soon dissapear post cycle....its obvious your diet is lacking if at 25 you cant grow natty...i would visit the diet forum and post your diet so the the peeps there can help you get that sorted cus untill you do all the aas in the world will not help you specially d-bol...goodluck and welcome...

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