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    Anyone use Whey as a major protein source?

    Hi ,my current major protein source consists of casein,but it contains too much calcium,therefore i want to switch to whey.
    The problem is that most of the whey is said to burn as fuel,so it canīt build new muscle.

    my question is.does anyone use whey as a protein source with success??

    Sorry for my poor english

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    Bro, take casein before you go to bed , because it is slower releasing and will release into the bloodstream slower than whey. Whey is perfect for when you wake up in the morning, and post workout, as it gets to your muscles fast. Be sure to eat another complete meal within 1-2 hours after the whey shake to keep yourself anabolic .

    Good luck, and don't be too hard on yourself, your english is better than mine, and that is my first language!

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    PPP summed iit up well take a look at a previous thread on here about proteins that I posted I think it tells you the best types to take and when.Look for protein in the search engine

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    that is my primary source of protein..

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    whey is my primary source of protein as well. i have not had a problem gainning muscle. i do have 8 shakes a day tho. if u think your body is using the whey as energy than eat more carbs. try having some bread, pasta or rice b4 you have your protien shake. works 4 me. good luck bro

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