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    Good Protiens and creatines to buy and..ASAP.

    I need some information on some really good protien and creatine for baseball. i have three months before baseball season and i need to get big and also is there a good steriod that works really well that wont detect within 2-3 month peroid?

    Also My brother is wrestling 275 and he weighs 285(15%body fat) and its really starting to get tough for him to drop weight and hescutout sweets breads some meats an fastfood. and he need to drop weight but not lose his mass anyideas for him to drop weight? he runs and lifts and goes to practice and cut his calorie intake but has maintianed weight for the last three weeks and has a big tourneyment coming up on december 1st and needs to be under 275 need help fast thanks

    thanks a bunch

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    get your supplements here :

    anything you start taking now (unless it's winny / var) will show up in your system unless you end by the new year just to be on the safe side. that gives you 2 months until you report which i believe will be near the end of february / beginning of march.

    however, winstrol isn't going to get you "big" like you want. you might add about 5 - 10 lean pounds, but you sound like you want to get jacked up. but, you don't see too many body-building tight-tendons / ligaments guys in baseball these days. you might say Bonds, Sosa, Giambi - but no, i guarantee you they are still flexible and loose.

    anyways, getting off track.

    as for your brother, is he actually counting the calories he's taking in ?? or is he just saying he's eating less and assuming his caloric intake is lower.

    you say he runs, but how much / fast - basically how hard is his heart working when he's doing all this running ??

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