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    S.A.N. A100 & T100

    Does anyone have any experience with S.A.N. A-100 & T-100? These are OTC supplements my friend has been asking me about. I don't believe in using any prohormones or supplements other than protein, vitamins, minerals and occasionally amino acids.

    He's not interested in using steroids , but he is checking out supplements as an alternative (he knows that he won't get the same results using OTC as he would using steroids--that's elementary).

    Since I don't use or research this kind of stuff, I'm interested if anyone has any first hand experience with it.

    My first reaction is to tell him just eat well and grow, but he has these questions; so I'm doing my part to follow through with finding out what I can.

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    I have tried both and did not like either to be perfectly honest. I would tell him to go with some original 1AD or 1Test and maybe 4AD from Molecular....Methyl 1Test is also supposed to be good however, I have yet to try it...

    However, if your friend does not want the sides of steroids these are not the best alternatives...same sides with less anabolic properties....I would tell him to buy some creatine, RALA, Dextrose, No2, and the usual vitamins, minerals, and whey....This way he will get some pumps and size and none of the sides....If hes not ready to risk it with gear...I would def tell him not to go for prohormones/prosteroids....


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