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    mmm diet coke with lemon

    Cutting up your quads?

    i have some puny quads *well not puny to some but to me defineately* they measure 22inches at the thickest point, the muscle is very solid however i have literally no definition or cuts to define the muscles that make up the quad.....any tips or workouts which will help to cut them out ?
    Legs Routine is as follows
    Seated Calf Raises: 2 x 10
    Standing Calf Raises: 2 x 10
    Leg Press: 3 x 10
    Squat : 5 x 5

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    More sets and heavy weights. Honestly 8 sets are no use for your quads. Not a flame, but at 22 inches your going to have to put on alot more size before things start to happen, because when I seen this thread the first thing I thought was 'diet', but it doesn't sound like that.
    Sorry for making it short, I'll chat with you about then again. Things are alittle hectic here, sorry.


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    definitely need to do some more exercises....i'm sure your gym has plenty of machines / weights to fill the holes in....

    leg press, squat, lunges, leg extension, leg curls, dead-lifts, hack squat, step-ups...

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    ah yes, my favorite exercise LG, leg extensions. That will defineately give you that "Tear drop" look and really feel out your legs.
    Put more weight on the bar, and cut your sets down to 4 on squats. Do heavy weights, I recommend 3-5 reps, no more, if you can do more than that put more weight on the bar till you can't.
    Leg curls, leg extentions and press all do for the legs, but legs are kinda funny, to make them look good, you have to work the front and back part of the legs IMO.
    I love squats they are my favorite next to leg extensions. I used to have the same problem you did, until I got brave and put more weight on the bar, and my legs grew like a weed. Try it, you will see what I am talking about. good luck

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    How do you guys work them legs though. In terms of order? Which exercise is important to do first? I usually do Squats first, cause my legs are well rested and I feel energetic. I do 4 sets at 135 (that's a lot for me). I can usually just pull of 8-10 reps. And it burns like mad. I usually do Squats, then Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, and finally Calf Raises.

    For some reason, i've had this on going pain in my quads, which I can't really explain. If I flex my quads, and keep it flexed for about 10 seconds, when I relax, a feel very weak, and it kinda feels like that burn you get while your straining to get that last rep in. Anyone know why this happens? Sometimes it's soo bad I have to quickly sit down!

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    LG has a great routine going.

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