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Thread: Workout Logs

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    Workout Logs

    Anyone keep a log? How do you do it? Just have a notebook?

    Does anyone have any log sheets they might have built in a spreadsheet and might share the format?


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    theres some web sites w/ work out log books free too
    i use to have and excel program that would graph your progress
    ill try and find that

    something like this is just fine

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    I use the BFS stronger program and it comes with a workout log, but Ididnt pay for it I got it through my football team, I think if you go to it has info, but it is a power lifting program

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    Bro, Books-A-Million carries one that is great! My workout partner uses one and really likes it. I use a similar one, and can't live without it. It helps me track my weight, strength increases and other items.
    Give one a try....

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    HELL - I got the last col
    I have an excel spreadsheet. I am majored in computer systems at college and have mine laid out very detailed. About to add a meals section to it, to keep up with my meal logs to better chart cutting and bulking cycles.

    If anyone would like to get a copy of my spreadsheet please feel free to ask me. I have a copy with all my entries taken away so u can have yours. Just let me know and I'll be happy to email it to ya.

    It has individual tabs per body part as well as one for Cardio and Weight, a schedule tab and soon to be a Food Intake tab....

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