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    Which are the best muscle groups to train together and why? I'd like to train 2 groups at a time with 2 to 3 exercises each. I've heard that some muscles should not be worked out together and need longer recuperation times. Can someone please help me? I'm looking to workout 4 days per week. Also, which is best. Dumbells or barbells. Thanks in advance.


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    DDP, good question as with many things, some methods of training work great for some people but not for others. Training, Diet, and Sleep are the main ingredients for growth, period.

    When it comes to training you have many options, you have to find what works best for you... if after a few weeks on a routine you are not slowly growing in strength or size, then ditch the routine... this is assuming you are eating enough and properly and sleeping enough.

    Now, with training you want to train enough to stimulate growth, yet not overtrain. Some people can work a particular body part twice a week and grow, while others grow best off of a high intensity each body part once a week program. (the latter being what i use and love). If you are a beginning lifter, I suggest you stick to the basics, so let me just suggest a possible routine for you to consider.

    Monday- Shoulders, Chest
    Tuesday- Legs
    Weds- Rest
    Thurs- Triceps, Abs
    Friday- Back, Biceps, Forearms

    ...there are tons and tons of variations and like i said, you have to find what works for you. but what i listed is a possible routine for you, just make sure you are not sacrificing form for more weight (VERY important). Also, try doing one or two warmup sets followed by 3 work sets for each exercise. I do anywhere from 2 to 4 exercises per body part, but like I said you gotta experiment, if you aren't putting the effort forth in the gym and out of the gym, this is all going to be wasted. Good luck bro


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    as far as some muscles should not be worked out together i dont belive that , as long as you get plenty of rest your fine
    NightOp has a nice split there although i would perfer
    Monday- Chest , tris
    Tuesday- shoulders, Abs
    Weds- Rest
    Thurs- legs
    Friday- Back, Biceps, Forearms

    your flat bench and incline bench require tricep movement
    as back requires more bicep movement
    its kinda like pre-exhausting those muscles or like a warm up
    before you even start to work them out
    it also helps w/ resting those muscles.
    if you do chest on one day and tri's on a different its kinda like working the tris 2xs same w/ back and bi's. theres nothing wrong w/ that but if your looking for growth you really need more muscle rest

    ya follow me son


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    Devil pretty much covered it! I prefer Dumbells because you use more stabilizer muscles & I get a better pump. Use both though, rotat some in & phase some out.

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    tha south
    nightop good answer...i workout only one body part a day

    monday chest
    tuesday arms bi's tri's forearm
    wensday back
    thur shoulders trap
    fri legs quads,hams,calfs
    every thing heavy with reps 4-6 range atleast 15 sets.
    ive been doin this for awhile and i find it works best for me

    i used to do the
    monday chest - tri's
    tuesday legs- shoulders - traps
    wen back - bi's
    thur chest -tri
    fri- legs shoulders - traps
    sat back - bi's
    8-12 reps atleast 15 sets
    now the problem with that for routine for me was
    #1 shoulders would get sore cause i just worked out chest the day before and u get alittle shoulder workout when doin chest
    #2 i wasnt giving my body long enough to repair its self, i workout real hard so my muscles were constanly being broke down and i didnt give them proper time to rest and repair
    #3 i only had one day off from da gym, i love to lift but with my new schedule i can take off the weekend and come back monday ready to hit da weights hard for da week.

    u just got find what works for ya, proper diet, rest , and workout= GROWTH and STREGNTH

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    Thanks for all your help

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