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Thread: Elbow Pain!

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    Elbow Pain!

    The last two weeks I have been getting a shooting pain that extends from the inner part of my elbow (right past the bony nob) to about halfway down my forearm. Most of the pain is when I pull downward and inward; there is a little pain when I push, but far less than the reverse.

    I am not sure if this is from lifting or from taking a tumble on my bike about the same time as it started. I am also taking deca and winny tabs right now; but it doesn't seem to be a joint problem and no other joints are bothering me.

    Any ideas on what is causing the problem folks? Any suggestions on how to treat it? I am open to any suggestions.

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    Search for "Ow my elbows" and another thread on forearm pain. Could be from not a strong enough grip or some form of tendonitis.

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    that shit used to happen to me too. Just warm up really well, at least 5 mins. Also I bought some elbow braces at a Big 5 and they really helped me out. Don't snap your elbow either, ease the weight down and squeeze real hard.

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    tennis elbow--golfer elbow--tendonitis
    i have the same pains
    ice as much as can
    take ani inflamatories
    get elbow support
    get tennis elbow band--its a little strap that goes around fore arm it works great

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    I used to have severe pain in the same area. I bought wrist supports and haven't had a problem since....

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