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    need some help to get my shoulders big with in a short period of time

    i want to have real big shoulders quick any-1 know how i can acheive this?

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    i don't think anything comes fast, muscle takes time to build. And once you do it's hard to hang on to it (unless taking AS.) What's your training schedule like now?

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    I agree with "devilscabanaboy19" their is never a quick fix to anything without high prices to pay. Building quality muscle takes months of hard work and dedication. (even with AS) You want to start with good bulking exercises like presses and upright rows. Increase your strength in these exercises and your reward will be muscle mass.

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    Hit up some shrugs, upright rows, arnold presses, lateral raises, front raises, don't forget the rear delts either.

    The shrugs will help increase the size of your traps, making it appear like you've got big shoulders as well. But don't forget the others to get your delts big......

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    I agree with Key,

    military press, arnold presses, along with some flies on an incline bench. Be careful not to screw up you shoulders by starting off to heavy. if you haven't been lifting long, I'd be careful about what weight you use.

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