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    Triceps Dumbbell Extension
    Muscle area: Triceps
    How To: With the elbow pointed forward and the dumbbell touching the back of your neck, support the back of this arm with the other hand and press upward. Breathe out at the top of the movement and in as you return to the starting position. Make sure when you hit the top of the movement, you contract the triceps fully.

    Triceps Extensions
    Muscle area: Triceps, the muscles in the back of the upper arm
    How To: Lying on a flat bench and using a “curl” bar, take the inside grip and from the forehead, press the bar straight overhead. Be sure to keep your elbows pressed in and forward. They have a tendency to press out. Be sure to lower the bar slowly, breathing in as you do and breathing out as your press it upward. Please be careful not to hit yourself in the head. It is highly advisable to use a training partner to spot you during this exercise.

    Triceps Kickback
    Muscle area: Triceps
    How To: Until you get the hang of this exercise, please use light weight. So many people use too much weight and don’t get full benefit of the movement. Using one dumbbell, grip it so that your palm is facing your side. If you start with your right triceps, place your left hand and left knee on a bench, leaning over. In this position, bring the right elbow to your side. Now stabilize that elbow, do not move it, only the weight moves out and back. When you press the weight out, breath out and contract the muscle as hard as you can. Then, slowly bring it back to the starting position, breathe in and keep that elbow still.

    Triceps Press
    Muscle area: Triceps
    How To: Using a bench press, place your hands in the center of the bar about a thumbs distance apart. Lift the bar off the rack and bring it directly over your chest. With the elbows pressed out, lower the bar to your chest as you breathe in. As you return to the starting position, breath out and contract the triceps. This exercise, though it can be used for toning, is ideally suited for putting mass on by adding weight to the bar.

    Triceps Push Out
    Muscle area: Triceps
    How To: These are best performed following triceps pushdowns. Use a rope attachment or the inverted V handle. Place the handle behind your head and bend over to about 90 degrees. Take a deep breath and press the handle forward and fully extend the arms, contracting the triceps at the end of the range. When you bring the handle back to the start position, breathe in and let the handle ride up above the head, stretching the triceps. This will produce a fantastic burning sensation in the back of your arms.

    Triceps Pushdown
    Muscle area: Triceps
    How To: There are different handles and ropes you can use for this exercise, to some degree, it’s a matter of preference. I prefer the inverted “V” handle. Use a grip where your palms are facing the floor and your hands are close enough to one another so that your thumbs can touch. With your elbows at your side, keep your arms in front of you. Press the handle downward and extend the elbows fully, squeezing (contract) the triceps as hard as possible and breathing out. This is where many people loose the benefit of the exercise. They move the handle back and forth but don’t contract the muscle fully. It is imperative to focus on the muscle as you work and fully contract it. As you return to the start position, breathe in and keep your elbows stable, don’t swing them back and forth!

    Triceps Pushups
    Muscle area: Triceps
    How To: Lying on the floor, place your hands under your chest with the fingers pointing inward and touching. As you press upward, keep your hips on the floor and contract the triceps fully while breathing out. As you lower to the starting position, breathe in. Complete ten repetitions like this and then go to “Halves.” That is, stay up and only come down halfway, repeat until you are unable to do any more. This will effect the triceps greatly.

    Triceps Reverse Dips
    Muscle area: Triceps
    How To: Using two benches or at least a bench and something else to place you feet on. Move off the edge of the bench while supporting yourself with your hands on the edge of the bench. Your feet should be about as high as your hips. Keeping your body close to the bench with your hands, slowly lower yourself close to the floor or until you feel a good stretch in the triceps and breathe in. As you raise yourself back up, breathe out and contract the triceps at the top of the movement. Once you learn the exercise, you may want a training partner to push downward on your shoulders for more resistance. You may also place a weight plate on your lap for additional resistance.

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    Nice post bro

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    Awesome post dude, nice and detailed as well, easy to understand!

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    Great informative post. I'm the only guy who does standing -over head barbell extensions?

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    Good post, bro. Looks like you have all three heads of the triceps covered there. If I could just add one more, works the same part of the triceps as the push out, I find the burn incredible.

    Using cable weights, use a single hand attachment (i.e. the ones you would use to do chest flies on the cables). Put your back to the weights, and hold the grip as if you were about to throw a baseball. If you are doing your right arm, bring your right elbow in medially and hold it steady there with your left hand. Extend your arm making sure the elbow doesn't move. To get the full benefit, don't lock your arm at full extension, instead, use a continous motion until you feel the tricep burn.

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