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    Need advice re cardio

    Trying to drop some serious body fat and big ol gut, could some of you more experienced members please give me some advice/tips and answers, if possible.

    At the moment Im doing 40-50 minutes of cardio every morning on an empty stomach, 4 or 5 times a week. 2 nights a week I will go for a 4 or 5km walk with the wife.

    I alternate between the bike and treadmill. Generally the workout looks like this

    5 mins - steady light pace
    15-20 mins - 3 or 4 sets of high intensity interval, increasing the intensity 1 notch per minute (ie: starting at say 3% incline on treadmill up to 6% and then peaking at 7% as my highest point.
    5 mins - lighter pace

    I do virtually the same workout but alternate the machines.

    I know to lose fat I have to work towards a percentage of my optimum heart rate, whats the best way to calculate this.

    Im also taking ECA on my workout days.

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks Bros.

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    Yes you need to keep your heart rate around 65-75% of your age predicted max. This is the formula to use. 220-age=MHR, MHRx65%=??, MHRx75%=??, This will give you a range to keep your heart rate.

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