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    I am about 5-9 160lb i have broad shoulders but a small rib cage. I have twpo questions: 1. How can I expand my rib cage or create a wider frame look? 2. When I do lat work such as pull ups or pull downs, I always tire my biceps before I get a strong lat work out, how can this be avoided or are there better excercises for my lats. PS I am mainly concerned with mass at this point as you may have guessed. Thanks.

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    for the rib cage thing, it really depends on ur age. if you are in high school do decline pull-overs (kind of like a french press only you are on your back and you move the weight w/ your lats, with less emphysis on your tri's) real heavy and the rib cage my expand a little. if your not, do them anyway, they are good for your lats.

    for pull-downs, if your bicepts are getting tired, you are probably doing them close grip (and incorrectly) and that is for your lower back anyway.

    for lats do pull-downs with a wide grip and pull it straight down, concentrating on your lats (do not go behind your head, reguardless of what people say, it is a unnatural movement and you can do damage to your rotator cuff).

    other great lat builders are lateral raises and front raises (in Greg Kovacs video he does lateral raises with 75lb db's so try to work up to that (haha, lol))

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    Dumbell pullovers will expand your chest..........

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