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    I think I blew out my groin

    Has this ever happened to anyone??? I was doing leg presses with a relatively low weight(650 lbs) and all of a sudden my crotch area started burning, and it ran into my right butt cheek. I started with 2 very light sets working my way up to that weight , therefor I was well warmed up. I was able to continue with leg extensions and curls but had to skip hack squats(bummer). By the way the injury seems to be on both sides. Any comments??

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    what ever you do DO NOT PUT ICEY-HOT on it

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    Originally posted by DevilsDeity
    what ever you do DO NOT PUT ICEY-HOT on it time I was putting on icy hot on my legs and I forgot to wash my hands before I went to relieve myself. Let's just say that I will never forget how quickly I jumped in the shower to wash that stuff off.

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