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    your help on 4 final weeks of cutting cycle please

    I'm at week 6 of my cutting cycle, still have 4 weeks to run...ahd good results especially this week where my abs began to become a little defined
    still have a little fat on my abs but now I have veins on my shoulders,calves,legs,chests that I had never seen before !!!
    actually at +/-13%,I want to try to drop again 4% at least, do you think it's a reasonable goal in 4 weeks ?
    my cutting cycle looks like this:
    -low fat,low carbs and high prot diet (3 or 4 meals/day)/6days a week and have a "shit diet day" from saturday 6pm to sunday 8 pm in which I eat a lot of carbs,and all I want (not too much of course,I stay clean in my diet even if it's my "shit day")
    -pushin weights 5X week
    -cardio 5-6X week 50min-1 hour
    -t3 at 50 mg ed
    -zambon winny 50 mg ed
    -ECA stack 5Xweek (120mgE/400mgC/700mgA)

    My question is would you continue like this for the last 4 weeks or would you change something ?
    I was thinking to increase the t3 dosage from 50 to 75 mg and add some clen ...would you do this ??
    I sweated like a pig the last 3 nights, do you think it's b/c my metabolism is higher than usual?
    thanx for your help bros !!

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