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    3 day routine for great strength and size

    I thought Id share my new routine with you guys.

    I have simplified my routine down to four exercises for the whole body on a 3 day split.

    Tuesday - Bench press

    Thursday - Shoulder press (I will power clean at the start of the set to get it off the floor rather than using a rack)

    Sunday Pull ups and deadlifts (I stand on a raised platform so I have to bend further thus using more legs)

    I start the workout with the heaviest weight I can and go to failure with 6 reps. I only drop the weight if I get 4 reps on a set.

    3-5 mins rest between each set.

    No cheat reps or super set or anything like that just lifting as heavy as possible and lots of rest between each set so you can go heavy again on the next.
    Pretty much a powerlifting routine except with higher reps.
    I do 6-7 sets for bench and shoulder press
    4-6 of pull ups and deadlifts.

    This is a great way to add serious size and strength all over especially if youre a bodybuilder and have been using drop sets, super sets, pyramiding sets, negatives and various other shocking methods. Try going back to basics for a few weeks and just go heavy on the compound lifts.

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    one word


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    Most powerlifters won't put squat and deadlift in the same routine, some do other will work on one or the other for a few weeks then change. Because there is a lot of leg work involved in deadlifts (especially when done on a raised platform to emphasise the legs work) it is easy to over train.

    That is why there are no squats in the routine but they could be subbed in to replace the deads.

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